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join Forex Magic Bullet

Are You Sick Of The Stress And Effort Of Manual Forex Trading? Tired Of Small And Inconsistent Profits, And Seemingly Inevitable Losses?

Get Set To Discover The Solution So You Can Enjoy Amazingly Reliable And Substantial Forex Profits,
All On Auto-Pilot...

With the Brand New ‘FOREX MAGIC BULLET’ Automated Robot!

It’s no secret that trading Forex can be an extremely profitable undertaking, but only if you have the right tools under your belt.

Many people jump into trading Forex manually, believing impulsively that their intuition will guide them to success. Even seasoned traders can make the mistake of diving into the deep end of Forex without the lifeline they need... the end result?

Beginners and seasoned traders alike find themselves suddenly crashing, bottoming out their bank accounts, causing them to quickly abort mission and salvage what they can... something’s GOT to change and only a Magic Bullet can do it!

Here's why...

Proof 1: EUR/USD Trading
$21,200 Profit in Just 4 Days

From the desk of Mark Gates

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever traded the foreign exchange markets, known collectively as “Forex”, you most likely know what it’s like to never see those sudden losses coming. You make profits here and there, if you’re lucky, but never on a consistent, reliable basis. And you live in constant fear of a sudden devastating loss wiping out your account.  You’re constantly looking over your shoulder, worrying, stressing, calculating and rebalancing. And if you’re a Forex beginner, this whole situation can be pretty terrifying...

Why does this happen?

Why is Forex trading so notoriously difficult, so hard to extract profits from?

Why do so many people attempt to tackle Forex, and just end up crashing and burning both financially end emotionally?

Well, this happens because they did not begin with the right tools or the right attitude for the job. Like I said, jumping into manual Forex trading is almost always an impulsive mistake, and that first impulsive mistake leads to further instances of second-guessing and financial loss.

Believe me, I know, I have been there too!

I too was thrilled at the prospect of claiming my slice of the Forex trillion dollar pie, and grabbed a basic “how to” guide and jumped into manual Forex trading without another thought. I was convinced that my enthusiasm and intelligence would be enough, that I’d be able to spot winning trades on Forex and know exactly when to cash them in. I thought I’d be able to change my life almost overnight... but I was dead wrong...

I almost lost it all!

You see, I opened up a sizeable trading account, thinking that it would take some money to make money, checked out the markets constantly, placed trades whenever the ‘vibe’ seemed right to me, and believed optimistically that my profits would vastly outweigh any losses over the coming weeks and months.

Things started off okay; I made a conservative gain or two, and felt my confidence rise. A more significant rise in profits, and I was feeling like a pro. Huh, this is easy, I thought! I should get all my friends and family on to this...

Then it happened. One massive, destructive, profit obliterating loss that hit like a freight train. It wiped out all my profits to date, and then some. I was depressed, confused, angry, and now in debt.

Around this time, a close friend of mine revealed a similar experience trading Forex. He too had lost out, and was frustrated with the sense of potential of trading Forex but the seeming impossibility of doing it profitably in the long term.

And so we made a vow that day: that we would pool our resources and crack Forex in the end!

As executives, we had the investments to cash in to finance our plan. We located the best experts in the field, and worked closely with them to develop a tool that would overcome all the pain and stress and heartache that we had endured trading Forex. A phenomenal system was developed and refined, and when released on the Forex markets, showed a truly amazing capacity to eliminate or minimize losses while maximizing our profits... all on auto-pilot, and all while monitoring our accounts to make sure we didn’t suffer any of those crushing losses.

We made our investment back within weeks, and then some!

Proof 2: EUR/USD Trading
$19,900 Profit in Only 8 Days From a Single Trade

Yes, Forex Magic Bullet hauled in the tidy sum of $19,900 profit in only 8 days, and from just one trade!

Are you in that same boat I was once in? Are you sick of chasing losses on Forex, or are simply tired of all the effort and stress that manual trading exacts from you, with only tiny profits in return? Or are you new to trading Forex markets, and have no idea where to start to assure yourself the best possible success?

Well, please listen closely as what I'm about to reveal in the next few minutes will change your life for the better.

It's my privilege to present you with this groundbreaking Forex trading tool, and I’m truly excited to make our life-changing system available to you. You simply must possess this tool in order to reach genuine financial success through trading the foreign exchange markets. This software solution is the direct result of many years experience and expertise, and of course our substantial monetary investment in research, development and refinement. 

It's called Forex Magic Bullet, a tool that eliminates the pain, frustration and the emotionality out of Forex trading, variables that are known to kill the profitability of manual trading. This is a dedicated system that brings in profit after profit strategically, objectively, and with remarkable consistency.

-> Wouldn't it be nice, to be sure that you could pull in consistently winning trades via Forex?
-> Wouldn't it be great to rest easy knowing your profits wouldn't one day be entirely wiped out by one destructive loss, just when you were celebrating your gains?
-> Wouldn't you like to haul in regular profits through Forex without having to devote your life to mastering the art of Forex, watching every market fluctuation with an eagle-eye scrutiny?

With Forex Magic Bullet, all that becomes possible,
and more!

With this sophisticated and groundbreaking tool, you CAN enjoy consistently winning trades on Forex, while your losses are eliminated or minimized, so you always end up in front. You can love the fact that this software will monitor your account to keep it healthy and profitable and strong. And you CAN let all this occur on auto-pilot, with almost zero effort from you...

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, I assure you this is REAL, and I'm going to show you exactly HOW and exactly WHY.

The foreign exchange markets, known collectively as Forex, comprise a trillion dollar industry. A ridiculous amount of cash is in flux each and every day, changing hands, changing lives. Just knowing this little bit of tantalizing information is enough to send people wild, leading to that impulsive mistake of jumping into manual Forex trading without the tools or expertise you need to do this even remotely successfully.

I must emphasize this, jumping in like this is dangerous, a mistake, and could be your financial undoing. You run the risk of making impulsive, emotional decisions and judgements that simply do not belong in successful Forex trading. I fell in this trap, and so I am so keen for you to learn from my lessons, and not go through the same heartbreaking loss that I did. Trust me, with Forex Magic Bullet there is absolutely no need to experience Forex trading stress ever again!

Emotions really are the key here.

It's no secret in the Forex industry that emotions undermine, if not ruin, successful and profitable Forex trading. Fear, greed, anticipation, excitement, joy, despair, devastation are NOT conducive to good decision making; rather they will cause you to chase your losses and bail out on your profits, blinkering you to the objective winning potentials of the Forex market.

And so Forex Magic Bullet was developed!

Forex Magic Bullet removes this element of dangerous emotionality from Forex trading. Forex Magic Bullet is an automated trading robot, able to trade strategically and objectively and so bring in consistently winning trades.

This automated software is based on complex algorithms and sophisticated programming, and the end result is a tool that works each and every day, 24 hours a day, to better YOUR financial situation through powerfully effective and accurate Forex trading, all on complete auto-pilot.

Here’s another truly exciting taste of the phenomenal profits that Forex Magic Bullet is capable of...

Proof 3: EUR/USD Trading
$32,400 Profit From 3 Trades in Just 6 Days

Yes, that really is an incredible, seemingly "magical" profit of over $32,000 from 3 trades in just 6 days. Just think about how that sort of money might change your life and the lives of those you hold dear.

This is but one instance of its scope and effectiveness, power that YOU can harness for your own gain, starting today. Forex Magic Bullet is able to produce these sorts of profits on a ridiculously consistent basis, able to enhance your bank balance and your lifestyle with stunning effect. We’ve enjoyed the results of this incredible, life-changing for some time now, and now it’s YOUR turn to cash in!

Just think about how many hours, or weeks, or months you would have to slave away at with your current regular job to obtain that sort of cash? Over $32,000 in less than a week is life-changing stuff.

You see, this is not just money we're talking about anymore, it's also a seismic shift in your lifestyle, and your choices, that also follow when you utilize the incredible capacities of Forex Magic Bullet. And don't forget, Forex Magic Bullet is realizing these real profits on complete auto-pilot.

Before we look at some more examples of its powerful trading potential and profit making, I'd like to take a moment to emphasize a few things about Forex trading.

Trading Forex is not easy. It's a complex field, and gaining any significant expertise or skill is the end result of YEARS of study and training and experience, and even then nothing is guaranteed. Acquiring the knowledge you need and the skills to put it to good effect costs serious time and money.
Even when you have a decent amount of money to sink into Forex, you can suddenly and easily lose it all. It is terribly easy to blow what money you have before winning a single trade. As I’ve already emphasized, emotions can cloud your decisions, and even if you pride yourself on your clear thinking and logic, the market can move so suddenly and so unexpectedly that you constantly run the risk of losing it all.

BUT, these problems can be overcome.

You don’t need to be an expert at all, if you’re equipped with the right tool for the job. And you don’t need to worry about sudden crushing losses if that same tool is capable of monitoring the market and your account in superhuman ways.

Forex Magic Bullet fits the bill.

It comprises cutting edge software that runs on auto-pilot, enabling you to just install it and set it up, which requires only minutes of your time - after which time you can just sit back and let its complex and sophisticated algorithms and functions take care of all the profitable trading for you.

I'm talking about probabilities here, not possibilities!

Sure, the markets fluctuate, that's a given, so you cannot expect to make the exact same figures each day or the exact same figures as others might make. Your future profits will be different to our profits, but that's part of the wonder and potential of trading the foreign exchange markets: YOU can choose what you invest to begin with, YOU can choose what level of cash you want available in your account on a running basis, and YOU can direct events ultimately, to be sure you're securing your best possible outcome.

In the end, the profits you generate will work cumulatively, building up on each other to a level of eventual wealth many only dream of achieving, and all from an initial low starting balance and almost no effort. Here's another instance of the sorts of profits Forex Magic Bullet can attain:

Proof 4: EUR/USD Trading
Another $9,400 Profit in Under 4 Days

Forex Magic Bullet hits its target again, with just under $10,000 profit in only four days... Not bad, huh!

Now, we don't wish to provoke your inner sceptic here, so of course we're not trying to claim that every day will be like these previous proofs. We’ve shown you some incredible profits, five figures in the space of a week, but we said, markets fluctuate and as a result your profits will fluctuate too!

So let’s look at some more "consistent" examples of the profit-pulling scope of Forex Magic Bullet, checking out some real account balances in the space of a week:

Proof 5: Consistent Winning Trades
$1374 Profit in 4 Days

Proof 6: Consistent Winning Trades
$5348.29 Profit in 1 Week

Proof 7: And More Consistent Winning Trades
$6612.38 Profit in Another 4 Days :)


Yes, these account balances show moderate gains of $500 to $6500 over the course of a week, steadily hauled in auto-pilot. After seeing profits of $32,000+, these might seem a bit deflating, BUT...

Let’s put Forex trading profits into their proper perspective:

-> How long does it normally take you to achieve around $1,000 or $10,000 in your regular job? I’m guessing that’s anywhere from a week to a month or two of hard work, not profits gained on auto-pilot in a matter of days!
-> And isn't it the AVERAGE, or the PATTERN of profits that really matters here?
-> Who cares if you make $1,000 one week, and $32,000 or more the next??
-> Is it single amounts that count when it comes to long-term financial freedom or the pattern over time that matter?
-> What really excites you: One-off gains, or consistent, formidable week-to-week and month-to-month profits?

Of course, it’s the overall effect that counts!
Forex Magic Bullet brings LOW RISK, CONSISTENT
PROFITS WITH NO LOSSES to you on a regular basis!

When trading Forex, you want your profits to vastly outweigh any losses you might experience. And with Forex Magic Bullet, whether you’re hauling in four figures in one week and then five figures the next, the end result is one fabulous and exciting thing...

With Forex Magic Bullet, you're hauling truly impressive profits from Forex, and doing so on a CONSISTENT, RELIABLE basis. These profits are CUMULATIVE, and will build up to a level of wealth over time that is as sure and steady as water on stone!

We know this tool will bring thousands of people just like you real success on the Forex markets, and for us, that's magic. It's all there, rock solid proofs laid out before you, and it makes for one thrilling opportunity.

The Forex Magic Bullet software works FOR you, trading on autopilot every day, thanks to its sophisticated capacities, to ensure you enjoy winning trades with optimum profit potential.

So what’s the risk to me, you ask?

Well, it’s important that you know that Forex Magic Bullet knows when to get in on trades, and more importantly it knows when to get out, so you don't have to worry about sudden, excruciating losses.
It also monitors your account, to keep it healthy and strong and profitable. If you're feeling cautious, you can of course start out with a free demo account, it's your prerogative, and we'll help you there. We're pretty certain that once you see the phenomenal profits that Forex Magic Bullet can bring in on a daily basis, you're going to want to make those gains REAL by switching to a live account.

So there’s no risk, essentially! YOU are in the driver’s seat.

How you go about this is up to you. The software takes just minutes to install and set up, and then you can just sit back and profit. You can start with a free account or begin with a real live account, it's up to you. I know you're going to be over the moon at the money this powerful, sophisticated trading robot can pull in for you.

This is honestly a moment where you can change the course of your finances and your future life, so you need to listen and act carefully.

The release of Forex Magic Bullet is a finite and exclusive one. It will NOT be available for long, and when it's sold out, that will be it. Done, over, closed.

You see, we want to keep client usage and customer service to their best possible levels, and this is only possible if we strictly limit the availability of this software. We cannot flood the market, and we take this very seriously.

So as this page is available to you today, it looks like your lucky day. Forex Magic Bullet is hot off the press, but it’s not going to be around indefinitely!

If you go away and hesitate or procrastinate, the opportunity may pass, Forex Magic Bullet may sell out while you consider. So please bear that in mind.

I want you to skip the mistakes I made trading Forex. I want you to be protected from crushing losses, and the stress and strain of manual trading. I want you to take advantage of this genuine, life-changing opportunity that is Forex Magic Bullet, and I'd love to hear of your successes in the near future.

So please, act decisively and proactively.

BUT, before you do that I'm sure there's one last piece of critical information you're just dying to know... and that is, just how much is this sophisticated trading system going to set you back?

We've emphasized that Forex Magic Bullet is the result of years of hard effort, and testing, and refinement and tweaking for absolute perfection by experts in the field, and of course all of that takes money. So surely the costs wrapped up in this software to date are going to carry forward to some extent to you, right?


You've seen clearly, several times over, what Forex Magic Bullet is capable of. As I explained earlier, we have regained our initial investment costs, and then some, so you will NOT be taking any responsibility for this software's creation.

Instead, you can just take advantage of its implementation, and because we want the choice to be easy for you, and really do look forward to hearing your Forex trading success stories, we’re not going to attach the four figure price it deserves, or even a three figure fee to it. Instead, today you can obtain your very own copy of Forex Magic Bullet for...





ONLY $97

join Forex Magic Bullet

Yes, if you act fast, you can get instant access to your very own Forex Magic Bullet license for a one-time payment of just $97!

That’s a once-off payment. No ongoing fees or subscriptions, no hidden costs, no surprises, that’s it.  This one small payment, to be made only once, has the power to change the course of your life for the better.

And just to make it all even easier, Forex Magic Bullet also comes with an iron-clad, 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

That's 2 months in which to explore the potential and power of Forex Magic Bullet, and celebrate in the profits it will bring you! I'm positive you're going to be thrilled with the profits Forex Magic Bullet will generate for you, but if for any reason you're not completely happy, just let us know and you'll get every penny back. No questions, no pressure, just a rock solid guarantee.

join Forex Magic Bullet

So you've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Let me just emphasize what you're getting here:

-> Sophisticated, cutting edge, fully automated software that will trade FOR YOU, bringing in winning trade after winning trade.
-> A tool that trades reliably for amazing consistent profits, ensuring you enjoy the maximum profit potential of each and every winning trade, all while minimizing or avoiding loss.
-> Forex Magic Bullet also monitors your account to keep it strong and profitable, so you won’t have to worry about sudden, crashing losses wiping out your account.
-> And you'll receive our dedicated customer service, as a premium component of your Forex Magic Bullet membership, so you can be sure all your questions and queries are attended to efficiently and effectively.
-> And all this for just one small payment of $97. No ongoing fees, no hidden costs. $97 is all you need to obtain Forex Magic Bullet for yourself, and then have it up and running and making profits in just minutes' time.
-> And don't forget our iron clad, 60 day money back guarantee. With it, you get the peace of mind to explore the power of Forex Magic Bullet for yourself, risk free, for up to two months. That's a long time to test things out, and any profits you make are yours to keep, REGARDLESS of whether you decide to continue with the software or not.

I think that would have to be one of the best offers with the best guarantee around, but I urge you to act quickly. Forex Magic Bullet is going to sell out fast.

We should be charging $1997...


Secure your very own license of Forex Magic Bullet now, so that you can enjoy ongoing profits starting TODAY. You've got nothing to lose and you have nothing at risk, but you do have a lifetime of Forex trading profits to gain.

join Forex Magic Bullet

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Secure your chance to make automated profits on the Forex markets, and get ready to experience the pure joy of winning trade after winning trade with almost zero effort on your part. This is your magic bullet, it's time you grabbed it.

Click to order now, and secure your license for the small one-time fee of just $97. These licenses will sell out, so secure your own license NOW!

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Here’s to your formidable Forex success with your very own Forex Magic Bullet,

Mark Gates

PS. You really need to act fast to secure your very own license of Forex Magic Bullet, as numbers are strictly limited! I want to see you succeed and avoid the losses and pain I experienced, but I can’t make this available to everyone! For the sake of quality control and best user experience, Forex Magic Bullet WILL sell out, and soon. So act now!

PPS. Why wait a second longer than you need to? Avoid the stress and losses and effort of manual Forex trading, and arm yourself with your very own Forex Magic Bullet! There’ll be no looking back!

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join Forex Magic Bullet


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